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You just bought a great bottle and you’re preparing to invite your friends enjoy it. But do you have the right wine glasses set?

It is common knowledge that there is a difference between wine glasses but it’s often not clear why, choosing the right glass for the right wine can be daunting.

We all know the importance of wine temperature, but why should the shape of the glass influence the taste or the smell of the wine?

At least two factors are of importance, the first one is the size of the overture which directly influence the concentration of aroma and smell the wine, and the second one is the direction of the flow when you’re drinking, to the back of the mouth, to the side of the mouth, or directly on your tongue. By knowing more about which glass goes with which wine you will appreciate your fine bottles even more for the ultimate experience.

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Wine Glasses


The main types of crystal wine glasses

If you’re interested in wine you probably know that they are for types of wine glasses that are more common than others. For all these types crystal is the preferred material.

  • The first type of wine is for red wine. Red wine glasses are generally wide and tall so that the aroma of the wine can be fully expressed. With the wide opening and the round body, they allow the wine to breathe and aroma molecules to develop.
  • The second type is white wine glasses. There are generally smaller, narrower, in order to keep the cool temperature required for serving white wine.
  • The third types is the classic flutes, mainly reserved for champagne or white wine that are a little aged.
  • Finally the fourth type is to burgundy glasses. Burgundy glasses are larger still than the Bordeaux glasses, or classic red wine glasses, and are perfect for the strong qualities of burgundy wines


Riedel crystal glasses

While Riedel glasses have been produced since centuries, the company exists since 1756, the grape-specific glassware only started to be produced in 1958, after the work of Claud Riedel.

Additionally to be the heir of a long line of glass makers, he was also a professor of chemistry and a chemical engineer, more interested in the function than the appearance of glasses.

Claus Riedel produced the first of Burgundy Grand Cru in 1958 and has expanded his line of glassware for all kinds of grapes and wine types.

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