Deal: 57% Aus AKDY Elektro-Weinkühler 32 BTL

Today we introduce a new great section on BestWineCoolers: DEALS!

Deals will highlight really great products (at least 4 stars average on Amazon) and incredible prices (minimum 50% rebate). We’ll run DEALS weekly for now, und sehen, wie viel Sie Jungs es genießen! Nicht mehr Schnäppchenjagd: die Schnäppchen zu Ihnen kommen!

Also heute, we have the AKDY 32 BTL Elektroweinkühler.

What is this Wine Cooler?

This excellent wine cooler sports a 4.3 stars rating, and offers:


  • Double Transparent Glass Windows, 16.2″W X 21D X 31.7H
  • Electronic touchpad control provides precise temperature adjustments.
  • LED Lighting Inside that Attractively Illuminates and Displays Your Wine Collection
  • Thermo-electric fan cooling system with unnoticeable noise and vibration level
  • Environmental Friendly with Low Energy Consumption and Efficient Heat Dissipation

Why is it cool?

You’ll easily fit 32 full-size bottles, including some larger ones like Pinot Noir. It might be a little tight but the racks are strong and the bottles fit.

While the AKDY 32 BTL Elektroweinkühler is not sold as a Dual Zone Wine Cellar, the two bottom racks are 3-4 degrees Celsius cooler than the top ones. That way, you might want to use them as Service shelves, to keep your bottles slightly chilled before opening.

Single zone?

There’s a common misconception about Dual Zone Wine Cellar that says the colder zone is for Whites and the warmer for Reds. This just isn’t the case.

For storage, both Red and White Wines are best kept at 55 degrees Fahrenheit, or just under 13 degrees Celsius. jedoch, is it true that for service, das ist, when you actually want to drink the wine rather than store it, White wines are best served slightly colder.

So, to make the best out of your wine cooler and enjoy your precious bottles, remember: 55F / 13C for storage, and 3-4 degrees lower for Service.

As for the AKDY 32 BTL Elektroweinkühler, it’s silent, efficient, big enough to accommodate bigger bottles such as Champagne.


Really a great choice, particularly as it’s now on Sale for a whooping -57%, at $699.00 $299.99 !

Get it now here!


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