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3 best wine decanters for father's day

Father’s day: the 3 best wine decanters

by Alban
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Need a present for Father’s day? BestWineCoolersgot your back!

For the next few weeks, we’ll gather the best ideas of presents for your dear dador for yourself 😉

This week, we’ll see the 3 best wine decanters. Let’s face it, nothing gives a touch of class as a beautiful wine decanter. A decanter makes the table instantly more sophisticated, and sparks conversations about wine, its color, provenance, bouquet

Decanters are seen as a luxury, and they very well may be, but we’ll get you the best for your budget.

Let’s see that after the break!.

Deal: 57% Off AKDY Electric Wine Cooler 32 BTL

by Alban
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Today we introduce a new great section on BestWineCoolers: DEALS!

Deals will highlight really great products (at least 4 stars average on Amazon) and incredible prices (minimum 50% rebate). We’ll run DEALS weekly for now, and see how much you guys enjoy it! No more bargain hunting: the bargains come to you!

So today, we have the AKDY 32 BTL Electric Wine Cooler.

Best Red Wine Decanter By Bella Vino

by Alban
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Today we review the Best Red Wine Decanter By Bella Vino a more traditional take on wine decanters and aerators.

Licorera, for wine or other liquor, have been part of the standard apparatus of the connoisseur, and are usually glass or crystal jars with a narrow neck and a very wide bottom.

The wide bottom helps oxidizing the wine by offering a larger contact surface with air. You can read more about the benefits of aerating wine in this article.

Review: Menu Winebreather Carafe

by Alban
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Today we reviewed an interesting product: the Menu Winebreather Carafe. This wine carafe set combines a wine decanter with an aerator top.

The aerator helps oxidizing the wine as the liquid goes through it. You can read more about the benefits of aerating wine in this article.

Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump

by Alban
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Today we review the Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump.

This nifty little gadget consists in a vacuum pump and two rubber stoppers for wine bottles.

When you leave a bottle of wine unfinished, wine will quickly turn sour and like vinegar. This is because in contact with air, wine will oxidize and turn acidic.

Corkscrew Review: Oster FPSTBW8207-S

by Alban
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Today, we’re going to review the FPSTBW8207-S Electric Corkscrew by Oster.
Now, that’s definitely not a sexy name to begin with. Oster should work a bit on their product names. Get something more suitable to a good bottle of wine!

Now, what does this particular corkscrew do? The vendor says:

  • Cordless electric bottle opener removes the cork in seconds
  • Opens up to 30 bottles on a single charge
  • simple push-button operation
  • Foil cutter for easily removing seals
  • comfortable soft-grip handle
  • Sleek, sophisticated design
  • recharging base included
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

That’s all well and good, but what does it tell us?

Consejos Vino

Guías de vino: El precio del vino

by Alban
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Hay muchos amantes del vino y guías de vinos que están en constante que recomiendan botellas de vino que se encuentran muy por encima de $100 una botella.

Mientras que el resto de nosotros disfrutar de un vino simple o de gama media vino a un precio de nuestra tienda local, we may start to wonderHow the price actually climbs that high on some of the worlds best wine, y lo que separa a un $100 botella de vino de una $15 botella de vino.

He aquí algunos factores básicos que contribuyen al precio de cualquier botella de vino…

wine decanters

Decantadores de vino y aireadores

by Alban
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¿Qué hace la aireación para el vino?

Si usted bebe regularmente vino que usted puede haber oído hablar de la aireación en el pasado. This is a process that’s fairly common for desbloqueo de sabores y aromas adicionales en diversos tipos de vino. Generalmente para airear un vino correctamente, it’s important to get a special accessory that can optimize the aeration process as you pour the wine.

Un accesorio aireador esencialmente expone vino al aire de una manera controlada. Esto significa que usted puede abrir una botella de vino, y luego se vierte a través de uno de estos accesorios para desbloquear todo el sabor de que el vino.