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conseils du Vin: le haut 5 meilleures régions que vous devez visiter!

Want great wine tips to go further in your love of wine? How about a little travel?

If you love wine tours and sampling many different vineyards from one specific region, there are plenty of travel regions which could be perfect for you or your friends to visit. Here is a rundown of some of the top travel regions for 2015 wine connoisseurs. Some are classic and well known, whereas others are just being discovered by many top connoisseurs around the world.

  1. California's central coast: This area produces some of the freshest Pinot Noirs and the world and is known for its excellent woody Chardonnays as well. You can travel through California's central coast and enjoy some world-class vineyards in bar like settings and with bio-dynamic farming conditions that can only be found here producing very unique grapes for wine-making.
  2. Champagne France: If you love Champagne why not go to the place where it got its namesake? Visit some of the biggest names in the business from Dom Perignon to Moet & Chandon and sample some of the world's finest champagnes.
  3. Barossa Valley Australia: this area of Australia is known for producing wine with punch. These are wines that feature intense fruitiness and bold flavors. Producers here try to produce wines that wow in every mouthful.
  4. Piedmont, Italy: at the foot of the alps world-class wine producers worked tirelessly to produce spectacular Nebbiolo grape wines which producers like Barolo and Barbaresco then used to produce some of the finest quality wines in the world.
  5. Mosel Germany: featuring dramatic German landscapes and grapes fed directly from the Mosel River, this region produces unique Riesling variety wine that is all its own. With rich and dark soils these are wines that have their own unique grain from the composition of this regions grapes with complex flavors .

Each of these regions have its own character, its own terroir, as they say in France, and will let you enjoy the best that they can offer. Plus, you'll have the occasion to meet with passionate people, encounter different tastes and enhance your palate. They might even share with you their best wine tips to enjoy their production!

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