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Carafes et des aérateurs de vin

Qu'est-ce que l'aération faire pour le vin?

Si vous buvez régulièrement du vin que vous avez peut-être entendu parler de l'aération dans le passé. This is a process that's fairly common for unlocking extra flavors and aromas in various types of wine. Generally to aerate a wine properly, it's important to get a special accessory that can optimize the aeration process as you pour the wine.

An aerator accessory essentially exposes wine to air in a controlled way. This means that you can open up a bottle of wine, and then pour it through one of these accessories to unlock all of the flavor in that wine.

Exposing wine to oxygen produces two different effects. As soon as the wind becomes exposed to oxygen it starts the oxidation process, et evaporation process. Open wine will start to evaporate over time and the oxidation process will start to turn the wine and its flavors much like the inside of an apple begins to turn as soon as the skin is taken off.

With aeration, you can actually work at the evaporating some of the undesirable flavors and components while enhancing the more flavorful and aromatic aspects of any wine.

You can actually complete aeration just by opening up a bottle, pouring a glass and then swirling the glass around to expose the wine to more air. Many connoisseurs enjoy decanting or using an accessory for the pouring process. The aeration affects will not last forever and the aromas and flavors will start to flatten out after a short time.

Aeration through decanting and with one of these wine accessories, however, will make sure that at least the first few sips will give you the full flavor that the creator wanted to showcase in that bottle.

If you are interested in pulling more flavor out of Jenson concentrated wine varieties or getting more tasting notes of some of your favorite wines you may want to try aeration for your next glass of wine.

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