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Miglior vino rosso del decantatore Di Bella Vino

Today we review the Miglior vino rosso del decantatore Di Bella Vino a more traditional take on wine decanters and aerators.

decanter, per il vino o altri alcolici, sono stati parte dell'apparecchiatura standard della intenditori, e sono solitamente vasi di vetro o cristallo con un collo stretto e una parte inferiore larga.

La parte inferiore larga aiuta a ossidare il vino, offrendo una maggiore superficie di contatto con l'aria. Si può leggere di più sui vantaggi di aerazione vino in Questo articolo.

Che cosa fa il venditore di dire in proposito?

Il venditore descrive la Miglior vino rosso del decantatore Di Bella Vino come questo:

  • ELEGANT DESIGN: Your elegantly designed crystal glass wine decanter makes for a perfect center piece! With its simple yet beautiful design, it’ll wow your guests and be a stylish addition to your dinner table.
  • IMPROVES TASTE: Has a wide decanter base that helps softens tannins in your wine. This provides for a smoother, richer, wine taste and texture that you are sure to love. This glass wine decanter is perfect for you if you’re looking for something that will extract the most exquisite taste from your wine each time your fill your glass.
  • SPILL-PROOF SPOUT: This wine decanter has a carefully-designed spout for a nice, no-mess pour. With its light and easy pour feature, you can pour your wine smoothly and easily. We designed our decanter so you can enjoy your wine and not worry about messy pours.
  • MADE FROM PREMIUM MATERIALS: Enjoy your wine and stay healthy as this wine decanter is made from 100% lead-free, premium materials. We believe in quality products which is why we use only the highest grade materials. Enjoy your wine with confidence!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND STURDY: Made from transparent, thick, and durable crystal glass yet light and easy to use. This wine decanter doesn’t chip or break easily so it’s ideal for dishwasher use. Enjoy your wine and clean this decanter with ease!

How does it compare to other carafes and wine decanters?

The first thing to note is that this decanter is not made from standard glass, but from lead-free crystal. Crystal is usually preferred to glass for wineware, glasses, decanters and carafes. It allows lighter, thinner designs, while keeping durable strength, due to the minerals included in the materials.

però, in many cases, the mineral in question is lead, which has been proved to have long-term effects on health.

This particular decanter, Miglior vino rosso del decantatore Di Bella Vino, is lead-free, making it benefit from the qualities of crystal, without the nasty effects.

Moreover, its mouth is designed specially to make the wine swirl and get oxidation started as you pour the wine into it.

The volume is made for holding the wine from a standard 750ml bottle. After you empty the bottle, the decanter won’t look full, but that’s on purpose: in order to maximize the contact surface with air, the decanter must be filled only up to the widest part of its bottom.

What other solutions exist?

A decanter serves at least two purposes. First, it helps aerating your wine, and making it taste better. Second, it just looks really classy. If you want to impress your guests, bringing wine in a decanter is a sure-fire way to add some class to your dinner table.

Of course, you can perfectly just open your bottle and let it rest open for a while. French call thischambrer le vin”, that you could translate bychamber the wineor let the wine rest in a room.

però, as the bottle is relatively narrow, there’s not much contact between air and wine, so the aeration is minimal, and it can take a long time to reach the right dosage.

You can accelerate the process by pouring some wine in a wide glass, and let both glass and bottle rest a while. Then, pour back the wine from glass to bottle.

While this solution works, it’s not nearly as practical and elegant as using a crystal decanter such as the Miglior vino rosso del decantatore Di Bella Vino.

Quali sono i pro?

  • elegant crystal decanter
  • specially designed mouth for easy pouring
  • aerates during the filling
  • lead-free material
  • perfect size for a 750ml bottle
  • great price for the quality

eventuali difetti?

Nessun prodotto è perfetto, e vogliamo dare 100% onesto per i nostri lettori. Qui ci sono alcuni difetti che abbiamo notato:

  • while strong, it’s still a piece of crystal-ware, that must be handled with care
  • it doesn’t come with a stopper, so not appropriate if you don’t plan to drink the whole bottle
  • not many more flaws that we found

Chi è questo caraffa per?

The Miglior vino rosso del decantatore Di Bella Vino really is a nice piece of glass-ware. It’ll be perfect for impressing your guests and ensuring you get the best presentation for your precious liquid.

però, it’s not usually something you use for everyday wine. If you don’t plan to host a party anytime soon, you’ll be better off with a simple aerator, or a combination like the Menu Winebreather Caraffa.

You can find the Best Red Wine Decanter by Bella Vino here.

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