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Wine guides: The price of Wine

There are many wine connoisseurs and wine guides that are constantly recommending bottles of wine that are well in excess of $100 a bottle.

While the rest of us enjoy a simple wine or mid range priced wine from our local store, we may start to wonder… How the price actually climbs that high on some of the worlds best wine, and what separates a $100 bottle of wine from a $15 bottle of wine.

Here’s some basic factors that contribute to the price of any bottle of wine…

  1. Rarity: If a certain wine was done in a small production or aged for a very long time with unique circumstances it can get expensive.
  2. Location: certain wine regions are known for producing quality wines and purchasing wine from these regions can grow expensive. Looking into unique and untested wine regions can help you get access to quality wine on a budget.
  3. Name or Chateau: certain brand names are known for their awards and for the production that they use for making each bottle of wine. Buying a luxury brand-name bottle from a big producer in a well-known wine region could easily break the bank because there is an expectation of greatness before you even uncork the bottle. Wine guides make extensive lists of famous and award-winning winemakers.
  4. Methods used in production: If the grapes were grown using organic methods this will add to the price of production. As will processes like extra aging, using oak barrels for fermentation and more. The more money that goes into production through warehouse space, manufacturing and branding the product, the more expensive the wine price will be.
  5. Industry trends: Certain industry trends will also have an impact on the price of a wine. If it’s a certain season and more people are interested in Pinot over Merlot the price of Pinot will grow due to the scarcity of the product. While producers can take a guess at industry trends, quite often high-quality wine can take at least several months to produce or several years. If you find the wine variety is quite expensive, you could always try something else and develop a taste for what isn’t trending.

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